Stick Care

Stick Care

“Look after your stick and enjoy the game”. 

Hockey sticks are generally the most expensive item a player requires. They need proper care and maintenance, players who do this can expect greater stick performance and life-span.

It is the nature of the game that impact will occur and hockey sticks will suffer wear and tear.

Repair & Maintenance

All sticks wear with use. If wear is left unchecked it can lead to further head wearing problems. Excellent stick repair kits are available. Follow the instructions, apply frequently, that is the key. Small layers will act as a protection pad, therefore reducing wear to the head of the stick.

Shaft Guard

Essential for the proper maintenance of the shaft, Shaft Guard will prevent chipping and cracking on the shaft and edges. Clear, strong and adhesive, it works very well.


It is important to allow hockey sticks to dry naturally, not by a heater or in a hot dry place.

Breakages & Complaints

Hockey stick complaints are often difficult to assess, the utmost customer care will be given.

Just Hockey offers a 60 day manufacturer guarantee. This applies to workmanship problems and delaminating of the blade of the stick, fault in the splice or handle.

Manufacturers will only replace sticks that are clearly faulty from the manufacturing problem and have failed in early usage, generally problems occur in the first few weeks. Wear to the head is not part of the warranty and is an inescapable part of the modern game on synthetic surfaces.

Manufacturers will not exchange for wearing of the head, breakages from stick clashes or sticks that are well used with obvious damage signs. Warranties do not cover damage to the edges of the sticks from LBZ/Argentinian backhand shots.