Stick Sizing Guide

How to establish the correct size of stick for …


The stick should be measure from the floor to between the child’s tummy button and their hip, and the measurement in inches relates to the size of the hockey stick. The reason we recommend children have these smaller sized sticks is to enable them to develop good technique, especially in their ball dribbling skills. If the stick is too long they will need to carry the ball a further distance away from their body, thus making them weaker than they normally would be on the ball. It will also be more difficult to maintain control of the ball. The size range of junior sticks is from 26 to 35 inches.

As a golden rule it is best to buy a stick and continue to use it when it is “too small” than to buy one to grow into it.

Youth / Young Adult

For a youth age player a 36 or 36.5 inch stick is recommended due to the fact that their upper body strength is still developing.


The choice between 36.5, 37.5 or 38.5 really comes down to the customer’s personal preference. The majority will opt for a 36.5 or 37.5 inch stick.