Woodcore vs Composite

Technological advancements have seen significant improvements in composite hockey sticks in recent years. They are generally marketed for their hitting power. Despite this extra power, many international players and leading coaches of young players claim composites lack the touch of a woodcore hockey stick. Important to these players and coaches is the reliability in executing ball skills, controlled passing and trapping. It is felt that these are highly significant benefits of woodcore hoack sticks which outweigh the hitting power of composites.

The International Hockey Federation have handed manufacturers guidelines which now controls the hockey stick stiffness and potential speed of the ball. This effectively reduces the power effectiveness of the composites over woodcore hockey sticks.

It is interestingly highlighted by the vast majority of hockey manufacturers who say that the main difference is in the head of the hockey stick only. They claim that top market traditional woodcore sticks have in many cases more carbon, kevlar and fibreglass reinforcement than composite with comparable hitting power.

Composites are not generally recommended for inexperienced and young players learning the skills of the game.