Adidas AX24 Kromaskin (2019)

AX24 with Hypetex Kromaskin is an XXXXtreme 24mm bow at 200mm with an average weight of 542 grams (light) and a 399mm balance in a 37.5" length.

The AX24 features Hypetex Kromaskin which is a world first 360 degree colourisation treatment of carbon fibre which is fused into the surface. The micron-thick alloy treatment reduces fibre damage and abrasions pre and post-production to maintain structural performance.

Carbon fibre is a tightly packed weave and as a material is visually striking but nearly all carbon fibre sporting equipment has had to be black or dark grey because it is extremely difficult to get carbon fibre to hold a dye. Traditionally, carbon fibre hockey sticks have then been painted over and this paint often degrades with chips or cracks in the surface. Previous coloured carbon fibre options have used additives which can compromise the benefits of the carbon fibre itself. Hypetex has removed these limitations whilst offering improved performance.


Was: $619.90 Now: $599.90

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