Gryphon Taboo Striker Pro 25 G19 Bag Deal

Pro25: The pro style that offers a low curve to let you get under the ball nice and easy to execute your aerial skills, while still giving you a great base structure to assist with your basics. The slightly smaller head gives you immaculate control around the ball, helping out with your ball handling skills and letting you move around the ball with ease. Still providing that Gryphon specialist smooth feedback through your hands, it lets you continue to develop your advanced skills and maintain that ever important hitting power.

Middle Mike: Now with double straps has Dimensions of 1040x180x140 mm and a Volume of 26 litres. It is a heavy duty and water resistant, 6000 nylon. External accessed stick compartment is easily able to hold 3 or more sticks.

Was: $378.00 Now: $199.90

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