Penalty Corner (PC) Protection Bundles

The OOP range is made specifically for defenders by some of the world’s best defenders. The OOP P.C. defence range includes the FaceOff Steel Mask, BeesKness Knee Protectors, HandOver Hand Protectors, and the CarryMe P.C. bag.

We know how dangerous defending a penalty corner can be, we want to ensure you have the best protection available. To make things super simple, we have created our OOP P.C. defence bundles at set prices. Check out the different options we have available below.

OOP P.C. Defence Individual Bundle

This Bundle is for the individual defender, wanting their own personal protection gear for penalty corners. The bundle is available for anyone to purchase online and includes the following:

  • 1x FaceOff Steel Mask
  • 1x BeesKnees Knee Protectors
  • 1x HandOver Hand Protectors
You can purchase your very own individual OOP P.C. protection bundle online here.

OOP P.C. Defence Team Bundle

This bundle is available for Schools, Clubs, and Teams wanting a full set of P.C. protection gear. This bundle is only available for purchase in-store. The bundle includes the following items:

  • 4x FaceOff Steel Mask
  • 2x BeesKnees Knee Protectors
  • 4x HandOver Hand Protectors
  • 1x OOP CarryMe Bag
Get in touch with your local branch here for more information and pricing on our Team bundle.